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Home > Deck Pictures Gallery with Photos Ideas of New Deck Designs

Deck Showroom Photos Of Newago Decks With Composite Decking


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Random files - Deck Pictures Gallery with Photos Ideas of New Deck Designs
How Do You Get an Overhead Picture of Deck Landings221 viewsWith a two story deck which is 3 stories off the ground on the other end how do you get a picture of the deck landings with a steep sloped roof? Hmnnn - Somehow happened just keep it quiet so my wife doesn't know ... If the deck picture makes you feel like you are falling, You know how the elf who crawled the roof felt.
Red-Tailed Chicken Hawk Photo on an Arched Deck with Cedar Railings471 viewsThis deck railing photo of what I believe is a red-tailed chicken hawk gets thrown in here because my wife and I both love seeing wildlife and hope you do as well. She snapped this photo from our kitchen of the hawk landing on our cedar deck railing. Interestingly - We had a fake hawk on our deck railing prior - Trying to scare away the small birds... which was only successful for a couple days. It would have been nice if the hawk would make its home by our deck!
How Do I Fasten My Deck Posts? I Need Ideas for Construction of My New Deck259 viewsIf you are starting deck construction or planning the construction of a deck you may be asking for ideas on how to fasten your deck posts for your railing. We like to notch our railing supports directly to the joists. During the deck construction this is not always possible and if you need alternative ideas - Here you go. This method secures your deck railing using metal anchors with 8" bolts tying into a hole drilled into the center of the railing support post. More Ideas? Use a threaded pipe. You can then place as much metal as you desire into the deck post, and cut the distance to be slightly longer than the bottom of your deck joists. Be sure your hole-diameter into your railings support post is a little bit small so it doesn't come loose and you can tighten it up with a washer and nut.
Deck Stairway Pictures Composite Decking and Aluminum Railings248 viewsDeck railings are the main item show on this deck stairway. The pictures overhead view shows aluminum patina spindles with a custom deck railing system. The pictures show a deck railings system which was shaped with a cabinet shaper bit used for cabinet door profiles. This shaping was applied for both the top and bottom deck railings.
Photo of an Angled Deck Design for the Dining Area on Hess Lake721 viewsPhoto of an angled deck design with a view of the deck from the top of the stairs with Hess lake in the background.
Ideas Picture to Build a Deck with Grey Composite Decking Materials 296 viewsIf you desire to build a deck with multi-levels you may be wondering what to do with the area between your two decks and think lattice or fencing is your only option. The picture shows a more durable solution using solid decking boards to build in this area.
Deck Gate Hardware - Stanley Black Latch Photo680 viewsStanley black gate hardware with latch photo for the top deck stairs gate.
Wood Deck Framing Material Picture477 viewsPicture of a wood deck framing using 4x6s as the decks wood support posts. 2x12 (Which if you measure the wood you will find is actually 1 1/2" x 11 1/4") Is the size of the wood framing material that support the deck framing joists.

Last additions - Deck Pictures Gallery with Photos Ideas of New Deck Designs
Deck Gate Hardware - Stanley Black Latch Photo680 viewsStanley black gate hardware with latch photo for the top deck stairs gate.Oct 08, 2008
Deck Framing Photo - Upper Deck Joist Hangers Framing404 viewsDeck framing photo shows 2x8 deck joists for building the small 4' x 11' third story deck. The photo shows the decks framing with metal joist hangers. Be sure when purchasing hangers for your deck that they are the approved type for outdoor use and contact with pressure treated decking materials. Oct 08, 2008
Deck Gates Photo - Metal Corner Hardware488 viewsDeck Gates Hardware - Reinforcing gate connections for decks help provide long term durability.Oct 08, 2008
Deck Gate Picture with How To Reinforce Connections2044 viewsThe deck gate picture shows two metal connections to reinforce the deck gate where the metal strap hinges hardware attaches. Metal plates connect the right site of the deck gate. You can also see the small gate closing hardware style. The reason for the small hardware closer vs the large gate hardware style we usually install on new decks is to prevent clothing from catching on the hardware as the reverse side of the deck gate is open to a stairway.Oct 08, 2008
Deck Gate Photo - Arched Gates Design with 5" Black Gate Hinges1062 viewsDeck gate design photo with 5" Stanley gate hinges. The decks gate is made out of Timber-tech composite decking materials. To build an arched gate first lay out your deck gates design on plywood or cardboard. Then - Find your deck gate center point and use a string attached to your pencil to draw your deck gates radious design.Oct 08, 2008
Deck Sign for The Newaygo Cottage352 viewsDeck sign made out of left over Timber-tech builder board material which is the composite material covering the outside edge of decks. The deck sign is for the Sanos Newaygo cottage deck.Oct 08, 2008
Deck Construction Photo Installing Aluminum Railing504 viewsPhoto shows a deck under construction with the installing of the aluminum railing.Oct 08, 2008
Deck Stairs Photo with Arched Gate and Patina Aluminum Spindles858 viewsDeck stairs photo shows the arched gate to help keep the young children off the stairs and away from the road. Aluminum patina railings are shown with the composite decking. Going back to the deck stairway - we like to build our deck stairs with 4 2x12 stringers reinforced with 2x4's on the sides to eliminate any creaking effect.Oct 08, 2008

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