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One Link states the plans have been seen for Sale on EBay!


Many of the House Plans linked to here are being built right now and are often sold or for sale at large University Campuses. North Dakota, Iowa State,  North Carolina, are just a few of the universities distributing these plans. Some Universities will even mail you the home plans if you live in the state! One University has 300 home plans with over 100 plans on line!


Note: It may take work by you to find your right plan —and many and most of the free home plans are for smaller homes. The paid Home Plan Links are a much easier and more reliable sources of home plans, and eventually are the method used by most potential new home builders. Many young couples who did buy blueprints later commented on how the free web plans helped them visualize the right floor plan for them..


Did you know there was a Federal Program Paid to distribute and exchange Home Plans and Farm Building Plans?

Yes! This program has ceased to be subsidized still many of the plans are still around and are also with this collection!

· Cottage Plans

· Barn Plans

· Garage Plans

· Pump house Plans

· Dog  house plans

· Farm equipment storage building plans

· Work bench and cattle feeder plans.


If you are looking for a Small home plan,  One story ranch floor plan, or an Affordable new home plan you are at the right web site! The free plans are of smaller home plans including  a few two story and larger home plans if you are willing to search. If larger Home Plans are desired or custom New Home Plans are desired the sponsors and professional home plans links have new home floor plans by architectural blueprint plan drafting companies.


Please Verify building code compliance and structural elements to the free new home plans with your local building inspector. We not responsible for content or structural  components listed on plans in any manner! The portion of the home plans which are historic home plans especially will need the construction details worked out to modern day specifications.


The Plans in the Boxes of Donald Gardner Plans and the links to CoolHomePlans are plans available For Sale. If you do live in the Zeeland MI area Brands Construction will include home plans with a new home building package.


We hope the information given here can really benefit you as you search to begin the process of planning to build your new home.






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