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Ranch New House Floor Plan Blueprint and Cut Elevation What are Construction Blueprint sets?
Usually 3 to 8 sets of plans which include all four exterior views, complete floor plans, a basement or foundation plan, a roof plan, building sections, and any other details necessary to explain how to build your home.

 Generally, This is the basic package that you need for construction. 

You may need to consult a local architect to ensure the plans meet your local building code.
You may also need to get a local engineering stamp to obtain a building permit.
This is a service provided by some local lumberyards.

 Regular Construction Sets contain all structural drawings needed to build the house, 
which often does include the electrical layout, but is with out the plumbing or mechanical diagrams. 

This can vary depending on the designer and your local building department.
 Please call or talk to your local building department to verify requirements for your specific plans.

What types of foundations are available for my plan? 
When buying Plans know what you are getting! 
Surprisingly to those of us in the North, many standard home floor plans are drawn with a concrete slab and must be modified for basements and crawl spaces. If your local Building Department is flexible with the foundation plans, changing a foundation type is a very simple matter and can be done during constructions. Again—If Buying Home Plans Online you may find the type of foundation that is available for the plan is an added Code Number and added dollars for your plan.

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