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Popular Questions and Answers


Where should I start?


Selecting your home design, choosing a lot, or contacting a builder or real estate agent.

Each of these is a great place to start.

Do you know little about the process of building a home? Do you feel nervous because it is your first time?

A good idea to first do some research. Your Library may be your best source of information. What you are doing now reading this online is also good. Magazines and newspapers may also be helpful. Builders, Lumberyards, and real estate agents often present seminars that also have a lot of information. Home shows and home parades are great sources where the latest in home products are featured if you are looking for creative home ideas.

How much will Building My Home Cost?

Locale averages for a moderate new home (Garage, Decks, Porch Included) is going to cost about $100 per square foot for a two-story home, $110 per square foot for a One and a Half story home, and $120 per square foot for a one-story home plus the cost of your lot. Basic new Homes are less. Up-scale Home pricing is more.


A home's cost by the square foot is radically affected by your choice of finish. Primed Trim is less than Pine which is less than oak which is less than cherry or walnut. This is true with cabinet selections, fixtures for electrical and plumbing, windows types, and flooring to name a few.  When comparing homes and quotes focus on the features and the level of finish to ensure the selection you are after and the dollar amount that is right for you.

Then after a location for building is decided—Verify if there are any special engineering requirements in your local area with your building inspection department.

They will be the deciding factors in  the type of Home Plan needed for your home building. They will help you by telling you the requirements for building a home. Often they have a cut section views with fill in the blank area which can be filled out by hand by you or  your builder. Local Lumberyards often have certified architects who review your plans and can certify them. They may also provide additional structural plans including the engineered truss designs which is needed in many areas to obtain a building permit.


Can I see rear and side elevation, foundation plan pictures, and material description cut section?
If they are not seen the answer for now is No. A portion of Home Plans  need to be clicked on to go to the source plan and PDF File.

We do have the rear and side elevations and the foundation plans available for local building in the Allendale, Holland, and Zeeland Michigan areas. If you are in southwestern Michigan give us a call and we will see if we have or can get copies and send them or fax them your way.

 For Now the answer is No for a large portion of our plans although we hope to continue to develop this site and may also have these available online in the future.


What is Square Footage of the home or room sizes?
Square footage is calculated as the finished living area.

This is the area that you will be Living In on the main and upper floors. It is usually dry walled, painted, carpeted, and includes HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Measurements are from outside framed wall to outside framed wall.

Where the floor joists would project for instance with a cantilever (overhang) bay window is not included. Normally  not included in a home's square footage are garages, porches, patios. Basements usually are not included in the square footage unless finished. Room sizes are rounded off measurements.


Should I Check My Lot Sizing before Purchasing a Plan For Sale?

This is Very Important! Check the dimensions of your plot or land before buying your home plan. Also Verify if there are any special engineering requirements in your local area with your building inspection department. Remember: They will be the deciding factor for building your home. Often they have a cut section sample which can be filled out by hand for your cut detail plan view which can be done by your builder. An Engineered Truss System also is required in most areas.


I’m Considering Buying a Home Plan and they state mirror reverse and true reverse. What is this?
Mirror reverse is exactly like looking at a set of plans with a mirror. The  text is backwards. Before computers were used to draw plans, this was the way to reverse plans. Now most programs allow flipping the plan with the text the right way or True Reverse.


Can we copy your plans? Yes.

As long as it is used for Private use our plans may be copied and distributed free of charge. Selling plans or making profits on them is not allowed. If you live in the Zeeland Michigan area and would like a free C.D. of sample home plans for Private use you can give us a call or email us. (This offer is subject to approvals for a limited time only and subject to change without notice)

We appreciate those of you who have built from the free plans and have sent us a thank you note and pictures. This helps inspire our work as with the home plans website being a  free of charge service we need inspiration! We may even post your photos online for the world to share your good feeling of hard work accomplished and a job well done!


What are Building Codes?
Building codes determine how a building is built. Codes protect the builder and home owner. Codes deal with everything from spacing of framing members to accessibility for the handicapped. Codes deal with regulations and inspections required to determine structural specifications, and also codes due to soil conditions, and weather conditions. There are three building codes which are similar in content in the United States: CABO (Council of American Building Officials)  ; BOCA (Building Officials & Code Administrators); UBC (Uniform Building Code) as well as your state, county and local municipality have adopted a form of a standard when using these building codes.


What Plans Do I Need To Build?
Often needed are floor plans, the foundation or the basement plan, side elevation views,  wall cut section materials view, electrical plan, and Truss Design. Also needed is the site or plot plan which is often drawn from a plot drawing from your inspection office.

On the plot plan is your Home Location, well or water hookup locations, sewer hookup or septic field location, and electrical power accessing the home.


I live near Zeeland Michigan. Your Affiliate for purchasing home plans is Cool Plans. Do you get a Discount?

A builder’s discount is given through our web site.  If you are ready to move ahead with purchasing and building a new home we are happy to help with this process.


Where can I go to apply for a construction home loan? 

Your Local bank may be a good source surprisingly. Often they know your needs and do not add any extra hidden or processing charges. Sometimes other banks are better blending the “Construction” loan with your permanent mortgage.

Wow quote compares at least three financing lenders to find your quote:













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