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Custom House Floor Plans

How Do I Plan Custom Plans for My New House?

Planning on building a house is one of the biggest  investments in a persons live and it should reflect their personality.

Often people begin with buying a lot or acreage. Moving on they look for a house designer or a builder that has a collection of floor plans.

Supposing you are after a Custom Home Plan Design.

The floor plan needs to meet this criteria: Size of the lot, Local codes and requirements, and Your Needs.

Provide the designer with pictures, floor plans you saw some where, and explains what you would like different or improved.

With this information your designer may collect additional information about your needs:

The ages and gender of children, Number of inhabitants, If there are future plans to build an addition, your family activities and hobby's, your entertainment habits, desired number of bedrooms, kitchen appliances desired, how long you plan to stay at the residence,  if there area any extra requirements or handicapped accessibility issues, your budget for the home, the style of the home you desire,  the neighborhood where the home will be built, and if there are any special conditions or restrictions.

The Designer will like to know how you plan to furnish the rooms.  It is better to have the customer agree on a minimum bedroom size, than on a request of two large bedrooms. The designer has specific numbers to work with and the risk of wasting hours going into the wrong direction is lower when asking the customer for a size of room. Bottom line for himself as for the customer is satisfaction with the service. This takes working together! The Customer must be involved with the decisions made. This takes a good designer! They must find a way to create the dream plan for the client, by finding ways to have the clients cooperate and provide the large amount of  information necessary.

Two Lists are needed with determining this information:

A Wish List

A Necessity List

Finding the balance between these two is the most common approach for most people to fit their budget.

The needed information is collected! The real design work begins. The style of home is the next consideration.

Our web page How Do I Find My Plan goes through the different home styles from contemporary modern home styles, to Cape Cod and Victorian Home Styles, Ranch and One Story description, with Farm house styles , two story descriptions, and has picture illustrations with the detailed descriptions.


How To Choose Design Plans For Your Home

A house needs a few personal touches applied by the homeowner to be a home. If you choose to design every portion of your house in preparing custom house plans this is perhaps the way to ensure your house is your  home. With your contractor you can tailor your house to suit your needs and reflect your individual personality.

Are you new to house plans?  Not sure how to draft them? Hiring an experienced contractor may be the key to success. If you feel confident in designing and drawing up your own home design plans


, a professional ensures your  progression is standardized and your results are according to standards.

While going in for a design plan, there are many considerations. These considerations are essential to follow if you choose to design your own home.
Deciding the budget before you start with the design plan is absolutely necessary and can be considered as a first step.

Finding a  home design
contractor to help you with the design process is also an important step. The process of designing begins with the details of designs and requirements you have in mind. If you are unsure about the designs, you can have a look at house and home books and also look on the Internet.

This portion is the most challenging as you will have considerable options.

Now Is Better Than Latter!
Keep in mind that at any time before the plans for your custom home are finalized, you can opt to revise and change them. The changes would be difficult if the building process has begun. So before you start the actual building work, make sure that you are absolutely comfortable with your new home floor plan design.

Many home design services offer the advantage of pre-designed home plans in a variety of floor plans. These can save you money as well as time in the short term by offering the convenience of the ready-made home designs. 
The COOL house plans company

However—Can you find exactly what you are looking for? Remember— Changes later could cost you lots and lots! Be sure your plan is the right size for your available lot, or you may find yourself with a home plan which is difficult to adjust.

So what is the Secret for your home plan? Satisfying home plans offer enough space for your family's style of living as well as including potential to grow with your needs. Keep in mind to have the ability to plan for additional construction if the need arises. Remember to include your outdoors as a part of your home plans.

Smooth Traffic Flows, Easy access to you home and its interior, and adding one or two extra touches to make your home something you are proud of are all items of importance with your home floor plan design..



3D Home Design Tool: Create your perfect home online! Select appliances & furniture etc.

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